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Many street performance cars will be running normal performance cam which should have a stall converter of 2800 to 3000 RPM.For the hotter cars that have ….

The Basics Of Stall Speeds. A torque converter’s job is to take the horsepower an engine produces and multiply that to make the car accelerate. The torque converter is a hydraulic coupling which takes the engine’s mechanical force and converts it into hydraulic pressure. Its impeller turns at engine speed; the more torque the engine makes ...TSP “CHOPacabra” Truck Cam Specs: 214/222 .550/.550 108 LSA 106 ICL. Chopacabra Cam Kit includes: · Chopacabra Camshaft. · .560 Beehive Springs. · Valve seals. Introducing the CHOPacabra cam! This is a nasty little beast of cam. Designed to work with LS6 valve springs and a factory torque converter. If you’re looking for that mean ...Home. Torque Converters. Product Results. Filters. In Stock. Ships Today. (4) In Stock, Including at a Supplier. Ships In a Few Days. (21) Get Results. Transmission …

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A 3000-3500 stall with a blower seems quite high. Remember, you really need a cam for midrange torque, as the blower will take care of all the rest. I would say ~2500 would be better, but your cam might not be the best choice. With 3.08 gears, you will want lots of torque when the stall comes in!Easy Kits. JEGS 60402K1 - Torque Converter Kit with Flexplate and Transmission Fluid for GM TH350/TH400 [2000-2300 RPM Stall Speed] $496.22. JEGS 60402K - Torque Converter Kit for GM TH350/TH400 [2000 …There is a world of difference between a 12",2500rpm stall $400 converter, and the 9.5",3000 stall Vigilante I'm using now. Like apples,and oranges. Winner 2001 Road Course (prep. class) Detroit,MI. Winner 2006 Drag race (SS class) Indianapolis,IN. Quickest event reaction time .013sec. (final-round)

My brother-in-law has a rated stall of 3,000 rpm in his 1988 5.0 Mustang convertible, which weighs about 3,200 lbs. His transmission is an AOD/w shift kit. 3.55 rear gears. He's happy with the transmission's stall speed. He has an E303 cam/w 220 duration @ .050. 2500-5500 rpm range.Jan 12, 2022 · 760 posts · Joined 2015. #9 · Jan 13, 2022. Torque converter "stall" varies by TORQUE as well as size and degree/type of alterations, A 500ish hp engine could have 600 ft lbs ( big block stroker) or 360 ( my small block 331) and need two entirely different converters! There are also different ways of raising a converter's stall.The right torque converter can make or break your car's performance and drivability. We delve into how to properly choose the right converter for your ride.JEGS 555-60401 Torque Converter Features: TH350 Torque Converter. TH400 Torque Converter. Performance for street and track use for improved launch and …Stall Convertor for Pontiac 400? I am stall convertor shopping. It's going in a 70 Pontiac LeMans with TH350. The engine has headers, summit 2802 cam, 6X-4 heads milled .040". "If you want a bit more off the line and dont want a super loose 3500 stall like the chevy guys have to run, head down to a transmission repair shop and ask them if …

We use cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. By continuing to use our site, you agree to their use. To learn more, view our Cookie Policy. Accept. Memorial Day ... C4 PRO-X Race Torque Converter 10" (Stall Range 4400-5100) 465000. $1,781.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish ...The standard shower stall size is 3 feet by 3 feet. Most showers are larger than this to make them more appealing to home buyers, but regulations require the minimum be the 3 feet ...What Are The Top JEGS Torque Converters Products. One of the most popular torque converters currently for sale by JEGS is the GM TH350/400 stall converter. With a … ….

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We’ll choose a camshaft with a .488-inch intake/.510-inch exhaust lift, 234-degree intake/244-degree exhaust duration at 50, and .112 separation. The operating range for this cam is 1,500-6,500 rpm, and it would be considered a mild cam or ‘a couple of steps over stock.’. This cam will directly affect the stall in the torque converter by ...6L80E/6L90E Torque Converter Questions. Trans has been acting fine as far as I could tell, but I’m about to pull the motor to do an AFM delete (cylinder #1 exhaust lifter collapsed) so now would be the time to upgrade the converter before I have any issues down the road. It’s a 118K mile 2018 5.3 SLT crew cab 4wd with the 6L80E, the motor ...May 16, 2007 · HUP-GM25 Hughes Performance Street Master Torque Converters Torque Converter, Street Rod, Chevy, TH350, Each $205.95. Jegs on the other hand has 2300-2700 stall for $129!! 555-60400 12'', 2300. 1969 Camaro - GM 2003 Electron Blue. Beck Racing 383 cu in 465HP Engine - Sean Murphy Inductions Stage 2 Quadrajet.

Table of Contents. Choosing a Torque Converter For Your Car. Top 10 Best Torque Converters. 1. Hughes Performance 24-25 Torque Converter. 2. Coan Racing 20504 8" Turbo Race Converter. 3. B&M 400000 Turbo Torque Converter.The factory high stall ratings were "about" 1000 RPM above the stock rating. That's what you got in say a 383 HP or 440 Super Commando car. So, the converter you have chosen would be about perfect for a stock 69 440 Cuda. You have a fairly warm 383, which has a good bid less stroke (and torque) than a 440.290°+. 3.73+. Up - 750 HP w/ Power Adders. 3500+. 3800+. Are you looking TCI Auto Stall Speed Charts? Use this Stall Speed Chart guide to help answer your questions.

gallman's hitch and battery Apr 10, 2013 · Although we do recommend working with an expert to design the one that’s right for you, the following list is a good place to start: – 7-inch Converter: From 6,000 to 9,000 rpm stall speed. – 8-inch Converter: From 4,000 to 7,000 rpm stall speed. – 9, 10, and 10.5-inch converter: Typically used in power-adder applications.Most full-size trucks and SUVs with a 6L80, 6L90 use a JMBX full-size (300mm) style converter. It’s a single-disc, non-captive clutch unit that is somewhat similar to late 300mm 4L60-E converters. When cutting the JMBX open, converter rebuilders report that a high percentage of units show extreme damage due to the clutch piston and front ... county line rototiller partsquest diagnostics lake mary employer drug testing not offered JEGS 555-60411 700-R4 Torque Converter Features: Economically priced and quality built unit with the street enthusiast in mind. Fits GM 700-R4 transmissions. 2400-2800 rpm stall speed to match your engine and camshaft needs. Specifications: 12 in. diameter, 30-spline, 10.750 in. bolt circle. No Anti-Ballon Plate. 2012 chevy traverse serpentine belt diagram Business travel demand is way up from its pandemic lows, but the sector is seeing a recovery stall during the summer. Companies are already showing signs of shifting strategies to ... adp workforce now my timecardharbor freight u joint presslaci peterson dead body Hays 97-1B42F Twister Full Race Torque Converter TH350, 4200-4500. Input Spline Quantity: 30. Diameter: 9.6". Stall Speed (RPM): 4200-4500. dodge 360 motor for sale 7324 posts · Joined 2003. #12 · Oct 9, 2011. For the OP: torque converters (as the name implies) are rated by the amount of torque an engine puts out and where that torque is in the rpm range. this is why so much info is needed to be able to provide an estimate of what converter you want.The best 60 foot my car had before with a competitors converter was 1.84 but typically they were in the 1.90’s. This was on drag radials, no tire spin though. I am surprised and pleased with my new numbers, using your converter.10.80 at 125 MPH with a 1.56 60 footMy car only gained 3 MPH but 8/10 of a second in ET gain! benny's liquor store near mehow to bury sump pump discharge linejardiance coupon HUP-GM25 Hughes Performance Street Master Torque Converters Torque Converter, Street Rod, Chevy, TH350, Each $205.95. Jegs on the other hand has 2300-2700 stall for $129!! 555-60400 12'', 2300. 1969 Camaro - GM 2003 Electron Blue. Beck Racing 383 cu in 465HP Engine - Sean Murphy Inductions Stage 2 Quadrajet.